Microsoft 365

Our client that manages language translation services has several large Apple Mac offices and they tend to run all their applications in a web browser, like Chrome and Safari.  This company needed to have the full suite of Microsoft Office programs as well as robust and reliable email.  TECH Team Six moved all 700+ email accounts from GSuite to Microsoft 365 and migrated all their old email and their documents that were stored in Google Drive.  Now all team members can communicate with Microsoft Teams as well as collaborate in online versions of Excel and Word at the same time.

TECH Team Six communicated with company managment through every phase of this project and completed the project under budget and exceeded the clients expectations.

Large Data Backup

TECH Team Six developed a backup and restore plan for a fairly large software company located in Florida.

Using Amazon Web Services S3 storage we were able to store in a HIPAA compliant bucket, 4 terabytes of MS SQL databases and files.  The data is stored across multiple regions so loss of data will never happen.